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Leo the Truck
Activity Calendar



In each episode, Leo and his friends help your young kids creatively develop different important skills. Download Leo el Camion activity calendar for April!


Leo the Truck
Activity Book


Whether you need to keep your child entertained while taking a trip to grandmas’ or find fun things to do a rainy weekend, this interactive play guide based on Leo the Truck episodes has a lot of great activities to do inside or out! 

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Look inside

*Available in English and Spanish.

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Leo the Truck Activity Book
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Leo the Truck
Activity Book!

Did you know that sorting objects helps your child develop early literacy and math skills? Or that playing rhyming games with your children is a great way to work on their cognitive development? Think your child is too little to take on some physics? Think again!


Tap to download our new activity book with a lot of play tips and prompts, and printable activity sheets! All created to enhance your play experience and extend learning. Now it is time to experiment! You’ll be amazed at what you’ve discovered!

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Sing with Leo! 

Rhymes aren’t just fun to say. They help your child’s development and strengthen language skills. When your child is engaging in rhymes, it provides them an opportunity to hear different sounds, work on their vocabulary, and gives their mouth muscles a serious workout. 

Let's sing with Leo the Truck and his friends! Download free printable song lyrics PDF available for each nursery rhyme. Connect the words that are sung to the words on paper by reading the lyrics to your baby

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